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My main task is helping SME build an online presence.
So, what can I do for you today?

Something about me


My name is Konrad and I’m a digital graphic designer who is passionate about making the Internet an interesting and worthwhile place as it should be.

I’m helping people build their brands, establish relationships with their customers & audiences through modern websites, social media and well-thought visual strategy.

Designing and photography is my passion and hobby, during the last 18 years. I had a few years gap, but from last few years I’m all my heart and mind is in this business again.

My priority is, helping small businesses to see their ideas come to life. My knowledge, creativity and experience help my clients to achieve the best business results.

When I not designing, I’m is spending my time with wife and daughter, plays board games, watching movies or walking and shooting remarkable photos.

Look into my toolbox

Every serious specialist, I also have my complete tool set.

I using the latest web technologies to develop well-coded, secured and good designed websites and online shop.

To create a stunning graphics I prefer aplications from Adobe but not only. I’m using the right tool for the right job, in the right way.

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one of my favorite release


logo re-design

promotial materials

shopfront design

socialmedia graphics

web development

new website design

online shop



web maintence

IT suport

POS integration

online businness advice